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Holocaust Survivor Emergency Funding and Case Management Services

JF&CS’ Holocaust Survivor Services provides services and financial support to assist socio-economically vulnerable Survivors in the GTA; Survivors whose incomes hover at or below the poverty line. Wherever possible, services are provided in the primary language of the Survivor.

Survivors may be provided with emergency financial assistance, case management, advocacy and supportive counselling. 


Survivors or their family or caregivers may call our dedicated Holocaust Survivor Services line at 416-638-7800, ext. 6207, to access services and support. 

Needs will be assessed, with a focus on improving access for Survivors to resources and programs within the Jewish community as well as through government services such as social assistance and provincial healthcare.

The bulk of emergency financial assistance is to help purchase medical items and dental services not paid for by government programs and/or unaffordable to the Survivor. 
Expenses that may be eligible for assistance with costs include: 

  • Those not fully covered by public resources such as OHIP or ADP

  • Urgent Dental Procedures/dentures  

  • Incontinence supplies

  • Hospital beds for in- home use 

  • Mobility and Safety Devices  

  • Urgent medical supplies (ostomy, CPAP, prostheses) 

  • Certain medically related products such as glasses, hearing aids and  basic orthopedic needs 

  • Medically-related assistance such as air conditioner for emphysema patient

  • Prescribed medications not covered by OHIP

  • Emergency funds to prevent utility shut off or eviction

Please contact us to discuss program eligibility prior to purchase. Contact our dedicated Holocaust Survivor Services line at 416-638-7800 x 6207.

Jewish Family and Child Service receives funding for Survivors from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the Azrieli Foundation, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, Alfred Landecker Foundation and donors in our community in order to provide financial assistance and case management supports to low income Holocaust survivors living in the Greater Toronto Area.  We are extremely grateful to our funders for their consideration of and commitment to this vulnerable Jewish population.

If you wish to donate a gift card that will provide a sense of independence and dignity to Survivors living in poverty and allow them to purchase items that they want and need that are not covered through our Emergency Assistance Program, please click here.

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