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The jerome d. diamond adolescent Centre (jdd)

The Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Centre (JDD) is an educational day program, offered in partnership with the TDSB, for youth ages 11 to 17 who face mental health barriers in attending a mainstream school.


Youth attend classes at the JDD program in Northern Toronto for up to 2 years. Students gain coping and social skills to successfully return to a traditional classroom setting.


The JDD team includes four TDSB special education teachers, two social workers, four child and youth workers, a transition support worker, an administrative assistant, a manager, and a consulting psychiatrist or psychologist.


Counselling services are provided to students and their family members or guardians.


The JDD is accepting new students. Enrolment criteria include: Youth ages 11-17 with emotional, social, behavioural and/or learning problems (including youth with Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism). The JDD is publicly-funded through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, with additional supports funded by JF&CS donors.


To learn about access to the JDD, please contact Paula Almeida, the JDD Program Manager at or 416.482.3023 x 225.

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