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At this time last year, the world was in the throws of the unknown; with each day bringing more questions than answers. With the onset of COVID-19, Jewish Family and Child Service clients faced many unforeseen challenges such as lockdowns, increased isolation, domestic violence, job loss and financial instability. Today, over a year into the pandemic, we are still facing more loss, loneliness and hardship than we could have ever predicted. 

In the following stories, you will read about those in our community who have been confronted with enormous challenges and have persevered. Prior to, and during the pandemic, the JF&CS clients and staff who are featured in this year’s annual campaign act as beacons of hope for all, demonstrating how it is possible to overcome adversity, making us better, kinder, and more compassionate human beings. 

All of these stories share a common theme; responding to the unpredictable. They highlight the ways that JF&CS has adapted and responded to unpredictability in the face of adversity and how our community of generous donors has made pivoting our services possible. These stories bring volume to those whose voices are often muted and showcase that everyone has an important story to tell. More than that, these stories remind us that even when life takes turns we could never imagine, JF&CS is always there to help.

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  • How one woman rebuilt her life after surviving abuse. 

  • Meeting the unique challenges faced by Survivors living below the poverty line.

  • Losing a loved one during the pandemic.

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