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separation and divorce

JF&CS offers groups, workshops, and counselling to support families through separation or divorce, with the goal of reducing potential risks of high conflict or assault.

All groups are led by professional facilitators. Some of our groups have a fee, but a fee reduction based on income may be requested. 
We welcome all people regardless of cultural, religious and/or racial background, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Please email or call 416.638.7800, ext. 6234 with your interest to register for any groups or workshops listed below or to access counselling services.

Please make sure to include a phone number and email address where we can reach you.

We will be in touch with you shortly to finalize the registration process.

When you're about to separate - what to tell the kids

When You're About to Separate - What to Tell the Kids 

Please click 'Inquiry' to book a session.

Topics include:

- how and when to tell children about the upcoming separation

- factors impacting on positive adjustment of children

- how to deal with “moving out” day

-when to seek professional help.

1 session

$45 per
person or $75 per couple

high conflict divorce

High Conflict

Monday October 28 | 7-9 p.m. | ZOOM

Topics will include: 

- impact of conflict on children

- different interaction models for different levels of conflict

- how to avoid being triggered by ex-partner

- different parenting strategies for higher conflict families

1 session

$45 per

successful step parenting

Step Parenting

Monday November 18 | 7-9 p.m. | ZOOM

Topics include:

- myths and realities of step families

- blending your parenting styles

- role of discipline in a blended family

- building and maintaining a strong couple relationship

4 sessions

$180 per

mastering your separation

Mastering your 

Tuesday November 5 |  9:30am-2 p.m | Lipa Green Centre

Topics will include:

- Understanding separation concerns

- Discovering your own emotional triggers

- Creating self worth and self awareness during the separation process

- Learning strategies for maintaining emotional control

- Becoming a better you

- Creating your own mindfulness toolbox

- Differentiating between the legal separation and the emotional separation

1 session

$60 per

1 family 2 homes - children group

1 Family,2 Homes, Parents and Children

One parent required to be in attendance

Tuesday October 29 | 6:30-8 p.m. | Lipa Green Centre

This is a six week program, for parents and children ages 5-13, experiencing separation and divorce.



- “Do other children going through divorce
   feel the same way I do?”
- “How do I make myself feel better?”
- "Problems I can and cannot solve"
-  The myths about divorce



Sessions for parents will include tips for keeping children out of the conflict; how to actively listen to your children; the impact of separation and divorce on children.

6 sessions

$150 for
one parent
or $200 for one parent and children

looking ahead: life after separation

Looking Ahead; Life After Separation

Wednesday November 6 | 7:30-9 p.m. | ZOOM

Topics will include:

- coping with change

- feelings of anger or loss

- living alone and loneliness

- resources for a new lifestyle

6 sessions

$120 per

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