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Camp Mitzvah Gifts


Thanks to our generous donors, JF&CS helps send over 200 children to camp each year who could not otherwise afford to go. In addition to the camp subsidies provided, we strive to ensure that every child feels welcome and included at camp with a duffle bag filled with all the essentials.

This summer, consider giving a camp mitzvah gift to help ensure these campers are well-equipped to have fun in the sun. You can purchase one or more of the following items from our Tuck Shop:


Provide a child with a sleeping bag for summer camp

Sleeping Bag Mitzvah Gifts 2024.png


Purchase a duffle bag and toiletries for the summer

Toiletries Mitzvah Gifts 2024.png


Assist a child with summer clothes and camp gear

Kids at Camp Mitzvah Gifts.png

If you wish to make this donation in honour of a friend or family member, JF&CS will send a card letting them know a mitzvah gift has been given.

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