The Jewish Hospice Program provides emotional, practical and spiritual support to individuals and their families coping with life threatening illness. We are a home-centered program available at no cost in Toronto and in York Region for clients and families who identify as Jewish. We are staffed by a professional team that includes social workers, a Rabbi and a Volunteer Service Coordinator

The Jewish Hospice Program provides:

  • Counselling, care planning, resource identification, advocacy, chaplaincy and volunteer support to clients and their families

  • Cultural, religious and spiritual expertise to support clients

  • Support for caregivers and caregiver relief

  • Services for children and families coping with parent’s illness

  • Bereavement support

  • Trained volunteers (in partnership with Circle of Care)

  • Education to professionals regarding Jewish cultural and religious needs at the end of life

If you are interested in our Hospice services, please call 416.638.7800 and ask for Intake.

If you are a healthcare professional seeking information, please contact the Hospice Coordinator at
416.638.7800 x 6201. Click here to print out a Common Referral Form and fax it to: 416.638.7943


 The Jewish Hospice Program is a member of HPCO and has achieved Accreditation.

JF&CS Receives Mention as House of Commons Passes Motion on Palliative and End-of-Life Care

"Mr. Speaker, there are phenomenal organizations across this country, grassroots organizations, front-line people, who have been calling us and sharing their stories. I had an amazing meeting with Jewish Family and Child Service in Toronto, which has a wonderfully integrated model for helping families spiritually and financially. They make sure that the family is supported."


The House of Commons passed Motion-456 calling for a Pan-Canadian strategy on palliative and end-of-life care. The motion had overwhelming support of all parties in the house and is an important step forward for hospice palliative care in Canada. The motion was introduced by NDP MP Charlie Angus who visited the the JF&CS offices to learn about our Jewish Hospice Program.


Integrated hospice palliative care makes a difference on many levels: better coordinated care for the patient; better support for the caregivers; reduction of duplication; and more efficient use of valuable health resources. JF&CS congratulates Mr. Angus and the 272 Members of Parliament that voted in favour of this important motion!

Jewish Family and Child Service | Privacy Notice for the Hospice Program

Jewish Family and Child Service is committed to protecting individual privacy and the confidentiality of the personal health information (PHI) it holds. Jewish Family and Child Service in respect of the Hospice Program is a health information custodian and must comply with Ontario’s health privacy law, the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

Please click here to read Policy 902.


Your client record includes information relevant to your health including your date of birth, contact information, health number, health history, family health history, details of your physical and mental health, record of visits, any listed substitute decision-maker, the care and support you received during those visits and information from other health care providers. With limited exceptions, you have the right to access the personal health information we hold about you, whether in the client record or elsewhere. If you request a copy of your record, a copy will be provided to you.  A reasonable fee may be charged.  Please contact the Manager of Intake in writing at:

Manager of Intake

Jewish Family and Child Service

 4600 Bathurst St.

Toronto, Ontario

 M2R 3V3


In rare situations, you may be denied access to some or all of your record (with any such denial being in accordance with applicable law and explained to you).


We make every effort to ensure that all of your information is recorded accurately. Please let us know if there is something that is incorrect. You have a right to ask for a correction to your record if you disagree with what is recorded, and in most cases we will be able to make the requested correction, or otherwise we will ask you to prepare a statement of disagreement to be attached to the record. 


The primary purposes for which we collect use and disclose your personal health information are:

  • Delivery of direct service

  • care planning

  • conducting risk management, training  and quality improvement activities

  • meeting legal, regulatory and accreditation requirements

Our collection, use and disclosure (sharing) of your personal health information is done in accordance with Ontario law.



You have a right to make choices and control how your personal health information at the Hospice Program is collected, used, and disclosed, subject to a few exceptions [for more information, see “Individual’s Right of Access”, Under PHIPA 2004, c. 3, Sched. A, section 52 (1) on page 37 (]


As part of enrolling in the Hospice Program, we will seek your express consent to share your personal health information with staff and volunteers of Circle of Care (the agency that provides volunteer services to the Hospice Program), other members of your Care Team (on a need to know basis) and other agencies that have provided or will provide services to you.  This is in order to provide coordinated and effective service to you.  We will also seek your consent to share your personal health information with members of your family/friends that you choose. 


We will ask you to complete the Client Rights & Responsibilities document, which explains your rights and responsibilities as a client, and seeks consent to share your personal health information with other professionals and programs at Jewish Family and Child Service, in order to provide the full range of care that you require.

You have the right to ask that we not share some or all of your client record with one or more of the Jewish Family and Child Service’s staff members or ask us not to share your client record with one or more of your other health care providers (such as a specialist). This is known as asking for a “lockbox”. 

When we require and ask for your consent, you may choose to say no. If you say yes, you may change your mind at any time. Once you say no, we will no longer share your information unless you say so. Your choice to say no may be subject to some restrictions under applicable law and reasonable notice. Also, your choice to say no will not have a retroactive effect. Note that the Agency may not be able to provide ongoing Hospice Program support should the extent of the withdrawal of consent significantly interfere with service provision.

However, there are cases where we may collect, use or disclose your health information without your consent, as permitted or required by law. For example, we do not require your consent to use your information for billing, risk management or error management, quality improvement purposes; or to disclose personal health information in a number of permitted or required circumstances, including to eliminate or reduce a significant risk of serious bodily harm; or to fulfill mandatory reporting obligations under other laws such as for child protection or safe operation of a motor vehicle.  


If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy for the Hospice Program, please click here [link] or ask your  worker for a copy.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about our privacy practices. You can reach our Privacy Officer at:

Compliance and Privacy Officer

Jewish Family and Child Service

4600 Bathurst St.

Toronto, Ontario

M2R 3V3

Tel: 416-638-7800 ext. 6636


If you feel that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction or you believe that Jewish Family and Child Service has not complied with Ontario’s health privacy law, you have the right to complain to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.  The Commissioner is the person who has general responsibility for ensuring that the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 is followed.  The Commissioner can be reached at:

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400

Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8


1-416-325-9195 (fax)

or visit the IPC website via

The jewish hospice program


Jewish Family and Child Service

4600 Bathurst St | 1st Floor

Toronto, ON   M2R 3V3



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