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jewish holiday assistance

Celebrating and observing the many Jewish holidays every year can be financially challenging - especially for clients of JF&CS who are already struggling.  Here are just a few of the ways we help our community carry on traditions and add spirituality to their celebrations:
With community support, we provide our clients with High Holiday tickets to a number of synagogues across the GTA 
we invite all of our children and youth in foster care to celebrate and dine in a traditional sukkah
Thousands of dollars in gift cards and toys are donated to JF&CS through our annual Drive for Dreidels.  We receive enough every year to ensure that the children and teens of all of our clients and our kids in foster care are given something special on Chanukah.
We hold an annual Chanukah party for our foster parents and youth in care.
We are thankful to community organizations that deliver Mishloach Manot packages to JF&CS to distribute to clients in need.

  • JF&CS covers the cost for our clients to attend community Seders

  • As a major recipient of the Passover Food Drive, we are able to distribute hundreds of Kosher for Passover food boxes to our clients every year. 

  • We provide a small amount of direct financial support to help our clients supplement their holiday needs.    

  • Our children and youth in care attend our annual model Seder thanks to a generous donor.

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