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Charitable trusts

If you are considering a future gift to Jewish Family and Child Service but would like to receive the tax benefits today, a charitable trust arrangement may be the appropriate gift. Like annuities, establishing a remainder trust or a gift of a residual interest can ensure income from or continued entitlement to the use of a property during your lifetime while providing immediate tax relief.

You may consider one of two charitable trust arrangements:

  • Charitable Remainder Trust. With a donation funded from, for example, cash, securities or real estate, you may create a charitable remainder trust by transferring an asset to a trust. You will receive the income generated by the trust for life or a term of years, while Jewish Family and Child Service will receive the ‘remainder’ interest of the trust in the future.

  • Charitable Residual Interest Trust. A gift of residual interest allows you to donate an asset (such as your home, a work of art or other, similar property of value) to Jewish Family and Child Service but retain the right to use the property during your lifetime, or the lifetime of a family member.

  • Donations of remainder and residual interest are both irrevocable gifts and, therefore, are eligible for an immediate tax receipt based on the present value of the property and other factors.


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