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Separation and Divorce

JF&CS offers groups, workshops, and counselling to support families through separation or divorce, with the goal of reducing potential risks of high conflict or assault. Click here for a list of our groups and workshops.

Please email or call 416.638.7800, ext. 6234 with your interest to register for any groups or workshops listed below or to access counselling services.

Please make sure to include a phone number and email address where we can reach you.

About Our Services:

The groups, workshops and, counselling focus on helping people understand:

  • The beginning stages of a separation

  • How and when to tell children about an upcoming separation

  • Factors impacting children’s positive adjustment

  • The impact of conflict on children and how to keep them out of the conflict

  • How to communicate with your ex partner with the goal of keeping the conflict low, for the best interests of the children

  • Parenting strategies for higher-conflict families

  • Different interaction models for different levels of conflict

  • How to give children a voice to best understand their own thoughts, feelings, and/or worries

  • Emotional triggers and learning strategies for maintaining your own emotional control

  • How to create self worth and self awareness during the separation process

  • Feelings of anger, sadness, loss, and loneliness, as well as coping with change

  • Step parenting, blending your parenting styles, the role of discipline in a blended family, and building and maintaining a strong couple relationship

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