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Planting roots

April 29, 2015

On April 29, 2015, JF&CS hosted an event for our community aimed at raising awareness about youth in foster care and telling the story of these remarkable young people's lives growing up in the system.   

We reached out to our community to assist us in being part of a solution that will allow every Jewish youth in care to have a place at a family's Shabbat table every week, and to have a place they can call home for the rest of their lives.  We highlighted the fact that one day, their children will need grandparents and that the most important way to break the cycle of generations of families growing up in foster care, is to take a personal role and offer our youth a home and a support network. 


Keynote speaker, Kim Stevens, had impact and heart and left very few dry eyes in the room, as she spoke about the rewards of adopting four children from the foster care system.  This was followed by a panel discussion made up of former children in care, adoptive parents of children from the foster care system, and one of our very own teens in care who is looking for a life-long family to love her and to support her through the many milestones still to come in her life.  


We had an overwhelming response and the room was filled with approximately 150 caring people from our community.  

Planting Roots
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