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Multilingual Access Program 

The primary objective of the MAP Program is to help JF&CS clients gain access to government, communal, and medical services which they are normally unable to access due to linguistic, emotional or cultural barriers. This service is provided by volunteers who are present or former clients of JF&CS and who are able and willing to help others.
Training is provided for all volunteers. With their newly learned skills they become efficient volunteers in all programs of the Agency. The assist with translations, interpretations, completing application forms, and accompanying clients to government and community offices such as OW, ODSP, Ontario Legal Aid clinics, OAS, etc., and medical appointments.
MAP volunteers come to the program with a certain mastery of languages. At the present time our volunteers speak Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, and Italian.
MAP volunteers are not certified professional translators or interpreters. Therefore, they are not permitted to assist with the following:

  • Translation of legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage, certificates, educational certificates, etc.

  • Translation of any official and personal letters or filling out any types of forms to be used for court, lawyers and immigration purposes or any sworn affidavits

  • Interpretations and translations in immigration firms

  • Accompanying clients for any kind of medical surgeries or difficult medical tests where attendance of a family member is required.

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