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Jenn and Jesse

Jenn and Jesse Brodlieb

Jenn and Jesse wanted to create and donate simcha baskets in lieu of centre pieces at their daughter’s baby naming. A friend suggested they look into the needs of the Family Resource Centre (FRC) at the Promenade Mall.


The FRC is an initiative of JF&CS and the Prosserman JCC. It’s a warm, supportive environment where kids and their caregivers can play, learn and relax together. Jenn visited the FRC with her mother and was immediately charmed. As a social worker, Jenn recognized the FRC’s value in the development of happy, healthy children. “We had so much in those simcha baskets!” Jenn says, laughing. “We wanted to give the FRC everything … toys, books, art supplies, newborn items, you name it! My mom and I delivered the baskets during their Shabbat program and we both just melted. That’s when the FRC found its way into my heart.”


Jenn was determined to help raise awareness. She brought together a group of her friends in their twenties and thirties – most of whom also had small kids. They decided to plan an awareness/fundraising event and that’s when the FRC FunDay was born.


“The event was held at a children’s play place,” Jenn recalls. “We didn’t charge much to attend and we got a lot donated. Overall, it was a big success.” That success continued after another year of planning. The second FunDay was held at the Promenade Mall. The committee doubled the event attendance and raised more than $12,000.


Jenn’s connection to JF&CS was further strengthened this year as she joined Alan Levine as co-chair of our annual fundraising campaign. Jenn and her committee are also well underway in planning the third FunDay to be held at the Prosserman JCC on November 18, 2012. “Young people like me often want to give back, but they just don’t know how to go about it,” Jenn notes. “Just try. Ask questions. Talk to people. Find something that makes you passionate and don’t assume you’re not needed. There is always a way to give back.”

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