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dining at the diamond

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About the Event

Dining At The Diamond is JF&CS’s first ever gourmet dinner, hosted and crafted by James Beard Nominated Chef, Jordan Wagman. The JDD will be transformed into a chic restaurant setting, offering guests a unique culinary and social experience. Following the cocktail reception, guests will indulge in a 5-course dinner, featuring a menu of farm to table fare. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

About Jordan Wagman

Jordan Wagman is a James Beard nominated chef, cookbook author, sales leader, teacher, advocate, husband, dad, musician and psoriasis conqueror. He takes on each role with precision and tremendous passion.

Jordan discovered that the removal of gluten, dairy and refined sugar from his diet would drastically affect his Psoriasis, a disease he has suffered with from the age of thirteen. Jordan continues to enjoy the foods he has always loved, but with ingredients his body can tolerate. Jordan now helps others create simple, seasonal, restaurant quality food for everyday family meals, snacks and desserts.

Jordan has a very special connection to the JDD having attended the school for one year at sixteen; “The Diamond Centre saved me from myself. The centre saved my life. It gave me the tools to go back into the mainstream school system and in so doing, also gave me back my life”. Today, he revisits the school giving back to a place that changed him. Not only does he impart culinary knowledge, he shares his own life experiences with the hope of making a small difference in the students' lives.

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