JF&CS typically has between 50 and 100 Jewish children in our care at any given time. Unfortunately, we face an ongoing struggle to place Jewish children in Jewish homes. As the only government-mandated Jewish Children's Aid Society in Canada, JF&CS provides a supportive atmosphere for Jewish children who are separated from their families. 

Typically, our foster kids are:

  • children whose parents are not able to care for them

  • victims of abuse, neglect or family breakdown

  • children with physical or developmental challenges

  • troubled teens who cannot live at home

The first step is to chat and have your questions answered. Please don't hesitate. Call 416.638.7800 and ask for Intake. When you call you can talk about your interest and your situation and get more information on the process to becoming a foster parent. You will be invited to attend a foster parent information session to learn more. If you wish to proceed, one of our specialists will arrange to meet with you to discuss the program and provide you with insight into the standards we require for a foster home. Click here to learn more about foster parenting.

Kinship Service and Care

JF&CS offers two different kinship programs – Kinship Service and Kinship Care. Both options are designed to allow children who can no longer reside with their family of origin, to live in the home of people they know, are attached emotionally and trust. This often means members of their extended family or Jewish community such as grandparents, uncles and aunts or friends. 
Kinship Service is different from Kinship Care in that the child is not brought into the care of the Society as a "child in care". The decision to pursue a Kinship Care placement rather than Kinship Service is typically driven by the protection needs of the child. Nevertheless, and despite being more intrusive than Kinship Service arrangements, Kinship Care provides a familiar home for the child and is a good alternative to foster care for some children. In these situations, the Society becomes the child's legal guardian and assumes the rights and responsibilities associated with being a child's guardian.  

  • Children can live with people who they know and trust and who have some connection to their family of origin.

  • The integrity of the family's culture, history, and Jewish identity is supported.

  • Children may be able to remain within their own community, or continue to have a connection to their community through family and friends. As such, the child's sense of belonging to a family is maintained and is often enhanced.

  • Kinship service keeps children out of the foster care system and increases the likelihood of reunification with his/her family of origin.

If you believe there is a situation where you could help as a kinship caregiver, please call 416.638.7800 and ask for Intake. Click here to learn more about kinship.


The JF&CS Adoption Program is responsible for securing suitable, nurturing, permanent Jewish homes for children/youth in our care who are eligible for adoption. Post-adoption counselling support is available to families facing the particular challenges that parenting adopted children may raise.





The first step is to talk to us and let us know you're interested. Please call 416 638-7800 and ask for Intake.

OACAS Statement on Motherisk and the Finalization of Adoptions