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Since Jewish Family and Child provides resources and support for such a wide variety of individuals with unique and diverse needs, I felt that a placement at JF&CS would an ideal place to be introduced to Social Work Field Work. As JF&CS deals with prevention, protection, counselling, education and advocacy services I will be exposed and educated about to different programs, clientele and resources that exist within the Jewish Community. I have always had an interest in working with children, and with my teaching background, I am hoping to further develop my skills and widen the scope of the support I can provide to families and children coping with difficult life circumstances. I am really excited about the learning opportunities that JF&CS can provide and I am looking forward to learning from the amazing individuals on staff.


I think that many people may be under the impression that Jewish Family & Child only offers child protection services; however this is not true. Jewish Family & Child offers so many amazing programs for their diverse service users and their needs. Some of the programs that stood out to me were the Pearl Project, Partnering for Success and the Here to Help program. The fact that Jewish Family & Child offers a wide range of service for its’ service users, allows me as a student, the opportunity to learn about the many different areas of focus of each program and the diverse needs of their clients. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a student at Jewish Family & Child, and I am looking forward to learning from the amazing staff and clients over the next year.


As an aspiring social worker in the field of mental health, I was drawn to Jewish Family & Child  for my second year placement. Through past students, I had heard that placements at JF&CS were enriching and well-rounded experiences, with an ideal balance of student independence and supervisor guidance and support. I am excited to do my placement at the downtown branch, where I will be providing counselling and financial assistance services to a diverse clientele.


As a first-year Master of Social Work student, I was looking for a well-rounded experience when considering at various placements. When I was given the opportunity to work at Jewish Family & Child, I knew I had found the perfect place for me. I hope to learn a lot about the field I am entering into, including the various difficult situation families and children face and how I, as a social worker, will be able to handle challenging cases. I will be working with an extremely kind and experienced supervisor, while being pushed to achieve new things and gain a versatile knowledge of the field of social work, which is why I decided to spend this academic year at JF&CS. 

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I have been a social worker for over 40 years and have supervised students for over 30 years.  As a student, I had two excellent placements where I feel that I acquired the skills that have served me well during this time.  I have had many wonderful experiences supervising students.  I feel that my students have learned from me and that I have also learned from them.  It has been gratifying to know that many of my students have gone on to have great careers.  Several of them are currently working at the agency and have supervised their own students.  Supervising students has been a very important part of my role at the agency.  It has been a privilege to have this role.



As a field instructor, I hope to instill in my students a passion for supporting individuals and families in the Jewish and broader communities; a commitment to practicing social work with empathy and compassion; and a focus on promoting resiliency and empowerment through client-centred social work practice. I am inspired to be a field instructor as I am a former JF&CS placement student myself and want to "pay forward" the knowledge, skills and experiences imparted to me during my placement. I am excited to contribute to the development of future generations of social workers through the rich placement opportunities at JF&CS.


I’m excited to supervise another graduate intern at the agency; providing support and supervision to a student intern has given me the opportunity to teach and support a new therapist. I’ve always valued the mentors that have helped me along the way, and this is an opportunity to give back.  I’ve also found it a very enriching experience; it forces me to take a step back and think about how I work with clients, an important reflective practice!


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