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Partnering for success (P4S)

Jewish Family and Child Service is the mandated Jewish children’s welfare agency, and at any given time there are between 25-35 children in our care. These children live primarily in family based homes, depending on their individualized needs, and through our integrated programs, we strive to return these children home to their family of origin

The Partnering for Success Program (P4S) is based on an innovative model, the primary purpose of which is to keep families together by reducing the incidence of child abuse and neglect. By increasing the capacity of parents to more effectively manage their child’s behavioural and emotional issues, P4S strives to reduce maladaptive parenting behaviours. Professional individuals in the community skilled and experienced in parenting and coping strategies are matched with biological parents and then work with these parents to improve their skills in a non-threatening environment. The P4S model rests on a client-centred paradigm that seeks to provide seamless services that wrap around the needs of children and their parents.

Jewish Family and Child Service works with a diverse group of parents working to cope with their children’s behavioural and emotional issues, who would benefit from P4S. While keeping families together is the ultimate goal, the program has many objectives, including increasing parents’ knowledge and use of effective parenting skills, increasing the stability in the home, improving relationships between parents and children, and decreasing the likelihood of parental abuse or neglect.

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