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more about fostering

What are the requirements to become a JF&CS foster parent? 

We welcome those:

  • who are at least 25 years old

  • who are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender

  • who have a sustainable income

  • who are renters or homeowners with enough room for a foster youth

  • who are/are not currently parents

  • who are able to pass a criminal background check

  • who are Jewish or have a spouse/partner who is Jewish

What area do I need to live in to foster with JF&CS?

JF&CS services the Greater Toronto Area and York Region . 


I work. Can I still become a foster parent?
Yes! Many of our foster parents have full or part time careers. Retirees are also welcome to apply to become foster parents.


Is it necessary to be married to become a Jewish Family and Child Service foster parent?

No it isn't. JF&CS welcomes individuals who are single and/or divorced, in addition to married couples and domestic partners. One person must be Jewish to be eligible. 


Who are the children in Jewish Family and Child Service’s foster care program?

We work with children between the ages of 0 and 21 who have been hurt by abuse and neglect and have been removed from their family of origin through no fault of their own. In some instances, our children have been in the foster care system for quite a while and have had one or two prior placements before finding the appropriate match. As a result of past trauma, they may experience behavioral and emotional challenges that necessitate a solid level of care.


What is specialized foster care?

The program offers a family-based treatment alternative to group care for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Using trained foster parents as the primary caregivers, this program blends the normalizing features of foster family care with counseling, case management, and support services. Our team of social workers, therapists and foster families provides each child with a warm, supportive home environment that encourages healthy growth and development.


How long will a child live with me?

This depends on whether you decide to provide emergency, longterm, or respite care. Emergency foster placements may be as short as one day. Longterm placements can be six months or longer, and can sometimes last for several years. Respite care placements are short-term and occur when foster youth need a temporary place to stay, or are in transition between placements. In some situations, our hope is that a longterm foster placement will turn into a permanent home through adoption or legal custody.


What support services are available to Jewish Family and Child Service’s foster parents?

JF&CS provides an extensive array of support services to foster parents, including:

  • foster parent training

  • per diem to cover the child's expenses

  • 24 hour on-call support

  • home visits from social workers and support counselors

  • ongoing training and skills development

  • holiday celebrations and special events

  • respite care


What steps do I take to become a Jewish Family and Child Service foster parent?

Becoming a foster parent is a multi-step process that typically takes about six months. Here is an overview of the necessary steps:

  • Attend a foster parent information session to learn more about our programs, the certification requirements, and the children we serve.

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with the foster home recruiter at your home.

  • Complete the application packet and provide required documentation, which includes a medical check, police check and child welfare background check (required for all members of the household who are over the age of 18).

  • Attend 30 hours of pre-certification training.

  • Participate in a home study with a Jewish Family and Child Service social worker.

Once these steps are complete and you become approved foster parent, we will begin the matching process!

Remember, this begins with a conversation.  Please contact the JF&CS Intake Department at 416.638.7800. Tell them you're interested in fostering!

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