Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario

Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario offers programs and services to individuals, families and groups throughout the Jewish community of Ontario who are affected by the death of a child.

Losing a child affects every member in a bereaved family. How to deal with and live with this loss is one of the greatest challenges a mother, father, sister, brother or grandparent can deal with. Often the stricken family will look for help and answers to their need within the Jewish community, its practices, traditions, attitudes and customs.

The Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario was formed in 1989 with the belief that early preventative intervention and support can facilitate healing, and the support that can arise among the group can alleviate the aloneness that bereaved parents often experience after the loss of a child.

Group members help each other and often learn to educate others in the language of grief. The bereaved help the bereaved with group meetings several times a year, facilitated by two bereaved parents, and guided by a professional advisor (usually bereaved as well.) One of our primary goals is to let the grieving persons in the community know that they are not alone, there are others who are going through the same thing who are there to support and guide them. Welcome to Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario. Bereaved Jewish Families believes in the uniqueness of the Jewish way in death and mourning.

If you have lost a child, grandchild or sibling and feel you would benefit from a caring group in a confidential, comfortable atmosphere, or if you are interested in one of our self-help parent groups, please contact

Beth at: 416.638.7800 x 6202 |

We are located at 4600 Bathurst Street.